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Corporate Massage Programs

Healthy Individuals = Healthy Organization

Accentuate a corporate culture of health and wellness. With busy work and home-life schedules many people find themselves last on the list. A chair massage re-awakens a sense of the body, allowing the participant to re-examine their lifestyle and encourage healthier choices.

Here is what some companies are doing:

  • Company sponsors a percentage of the cost and provides massages weekly, bi-monthly or monthly to interested employees at a reduced rate.
  • Company invites therapist weekly, bi-monthly or monthly and interested employees pay therapist for their individual massage.
  • Company provides massage quarterly as a perk or reward.
  • Company provides massage for special events such as Health Fairs or Staff Appreciation Day.
  • Company offers massage as an added service or hospitality feature for traveling executives or clientele.

Special Events, Conventions and Marketing Tours – It’s Like a People Magnet!

Offer chair massages in your exhibit and watch it draw customers like a magnet. Create positive energy and generate interest around your product or service as groups gather to participate in your added value massage offer. People will linger longer to hear your message after being drawn in by a massage. They will remember your exhibit long after the show has ended!

Here is what some companies are doing:

  • Offering a complementary chair massage promotion in their trade show exhibit as a successful traffic builder.
  • Sponsoring a massage station at conventions. Participants swipe their badge for massage to build marketing database of attendees.
  • Offered as a sponsorship opportunity for fund-raisers.
  • Offered to travel fatigued individuals during breaks at annual sales meetings and conventions.