What is Chair Massage

Efficient and Effective

On-site chair massage is one of the most reasonable and affordable health promotion programs available today!!

Efficient, cost effective and produces immediate results!
Your fifteen or thirty-minute massage takes place while seated in a comfortable ergonomically designed massage chair.

Companies who value employee health provide chair massage as a cost-effective addition to their wellness programs. Massage therapists encourage individual health awareness and work to assist your employees in making healthy choices for healthier lives.

A productivity booster! In order to work your best, you have to feel your best. A chair massage reduces fatigue and muscle aches leaving the body rejuvenated — ready to focus and think clearly!

Professionally trained and licensed massage therapists work through clothing utilizing a blend of acupressure techniques and related massage modalities to effectively reduce tension and stress commonly found in the shoulders, neck, back, arms and hands.

Little space is required for chair massage.
A small 5’x6′ area is all that is needed. Conference rooms and/or available office space are most commonly used.